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Texas k-9 Obedience Training
Graduates and Action Photos
Training is not only class work but it is great fun as the dog owners discover.  In the end, Dog owners and puppies are all smiles !
Congratulations to the 
January 2013 Class Graduates! 
Congratulations to Javier Narvaez  and "Zeus" 
 October 2010 Graduates
 Abigail Almaguer with "Bruno
August  2010
Left to right:  Rene Castano and "Rex", Cristian Chapa and "Cookie", Erica Chapa and "Coco", Pamela Orifila and "Charlie", Jose (Charlie) Ibarra and "White Ninja" and Adrian Martinez and "Kevin"
Class with the dogs  in a Sit-Stay-Recall 
Preparing the dogs for Evaluation, 3-1-2014
Cristian, Erica and Pamela 
with dogs on Sit-Stay-Recall
Graduates at a Left Angle pose
Walk-Down command, Pamela, Cristian, and Erica, with "Charlie", "Cookie" and "Coco"
April 2013 Graduates

Left to right: Janet Suarez and "Prada, Rose Ramirez and "Leida, Peter Ayala and "Hugo"
Rose Ramirez with "Prada' on Distance Recall"
Janet Suarez with "Prada" on Distance Recall"
Janet putting "Prada" on a -Heel-
February 2014 Graduates, Owner, Dolores Quesada and "Lucy" 3-6-2014
"Lucy"  posing on a "Down"
August 2010 Graduates, Abigail Almaguer and    "Bruno", Gerardo Chavez, and "Roko"
Lola with "Lucy"on Rear-Recall
"The Professional Choice in Dog Training"
Congratulations to the February 2014 Graduating ClaSS!
Congratulations to Lola Quesada and "Lucy" February 2014 Gradutates
Congratulations to the 
April 2013 Graduates